Scherer Freight Vans


Front of Trailers
  Since the very beginning our goal has always been to provide every customer with prompt and reliable service.  We pride ourselves in accomplishing the job, no matter how large or small the shipment is. As the livestock was phased out in the early 80's, there were many other avenues that filled in.  Dry vans were always in demand as our general freight hauling continued to grow.
  General freight has been delivered by Scherer Trucking for over 60 years. Our dry vans are 102" wide, 48 and 53 foot long, with swing and roll up doors. We have the experience and expertise to get the job done right, with a strong work ethic and the resources to get your freight were it needs to go.  We are determined to continue our success and ability to grow along with the customer. 
  Our drivers perform a thorough pre-trip and post-trip inspection everyday. Paying attention to detail helps us ensure that we can meet the customers expectations, providing them with the best service, on time deliveries, and also keeping the product damage free.